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Corporate Center

Plaza del Este is a unique space in its own class, designed to host world-class corporations seeking excellence and a exclusive location. 

The building offers:

  • Modern systems for access control and video surveillance (CCTV).
  • More than 1,200 parking spaces.  With private parking spaces for offices with control access and surveillance systems.
  • Ten high speed elevators, and three elevators for visit parking area.
  • Open Terrace.
  • Spacious Lobbies with Central Plaza.
  • Green rooftops with lush and vibrant gardens.
  • Double paned glass for better acoustics, temperature control and reduction of energy consumption in air conditioning.
  • Complete Electric Power Generator.
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems.
  • Water Reserve Tanks.
  • Pressurized emergency stairways for a safe and fast evacuation.